Something of a paradox among its contemporaries, Cordivea is technically an oligarchy composed of fifty-nine land-owning noble houses across its thirty-two provinces. Following a failed invasion by the Republic of Erideus in 1347, Cordivea’s government has skewed towards a monarchical society with a single ruling dynasty wielding power. During the subsequent era of guarded peace, Count Ryko von Endelrune II has guided the nation with a firm and patient hand.


A Republic governed by the people by means of a popularly elected Senate and an appointed figurehead. The democracy more often than not resembles a dictatorship as the bloated, self-serving bureaucracy and militaristic society lends itself well to periodic coups and struggles for power. Since the failed invasion of Cordivea, Erideus has withdrawn inward, yet those without stand vigil, fearful that the innate lust for conflict and conquest in all Eridese people should manifest anew.


Over the winding Yifah Pass far to the west sits the Marquisate of Goisonne, oldest of the three nations in Lian. Isolated beyond the towering Gainesly Sierra, the ruling Gherault family maintains loose diplomatic and trade relations with Cordivea and Erideus but concerns itself little in their affairs otherwise. Home to Alderis, the largest port city on Lian, the culture of Goisonne more closely resembles the great nations of Jados rather than its cousins to the east.