"Perhaps it was the blissful simplicity of Jacher, from whom all is born and all returns to in time, which left me riveted where I sat as the tribesmen instructed me on their surprisingly complex belief structure.  With a solemnness that belied their young age, they spoke of the “Saridians”, nine celestial beings that descended to Revahlián at the beginning of time.  From their heavenly citadel, El-Sarid, they were worshiped as gods for the untold wonders they brought into Midera....

~excerpt from Werethain's letters


The Saridian Temple is an integral part in the lives of the people of Lian who attend religious services every Saridar. Temples are found within most towns and villages, but many of the devout embark upon a pilgrimage to visit the eight Great Temples and the Palace of the Divines at least once in their lifetime. All those of the Saridian faith prayt and give sacrifices to the gods in the hope of joining them in El-Sarid in the afterlife. The alternative was perpetual damnation in the endless desert of Xiogoh. A brief list of the Saridians and their roles is below. 


  • Akos, Master of the Skies, is chief among the order and controls weather and the movement of the Heavens.


  • Reil, Empress of Land and Hearth, is sister to Akos and beloved as Earth-Mother to all flora and fauna upon Midera.


  • Wolen, Lord of the Seas, is bound to Reil and maintains sway over the vast oceans of Midera and all that lies therein. 


  • Rish, Judge of Valour, oversees all conflict and scrutinizes the deeds of men in battle.  Those found worthy are welcomed to feast at his table in El-Sarid in the afterlife. 


  • Baz, Goddess of Love, nourishes all forms of platonic and romantic love, but is particularly associated with rituals involving the formation of new unions.


  • Yoj, Arbiter of Wisdom,  facilitates the acquisition and retention of knowledge, and as such, is frequently invoked in the education of children. 


  • Faen, Marshal of Revelry, acts as master of ceremonies for any and all fetes, anniversaries or celebrations.  He is most frequently extolled by the people for creating alcohol.


  • Lune, Scion of Order, weighed the balance of all things, including who was welcomed into El-Sarid and who was damned to Xiogoh, until his own son wrought his downfall.


  • Dhega, Scion of Chaos, was the antithesis of his father and sought only discord and strife, earning him the name Darkheart and leading to his excommunication from the Saridians.