Altus Vicksan

An accomplished swordsman and one of the prefects in the Frisbenia Garrison, Altus is a patient teacher and the very picture of calmness, an admirable trait that serves him well, whether in the heat of battle or calming down his hot-headed best friend Galen.

Galen Isharest

A fearsome prefect of great strength, Galen is well known for his might, and his temper, on the battlefield. When not at the heart of the fray, Galen delights in mischief and revelry, often infecting those around him with his high spirits.

Fader Hafthuld

A leader among the mounted dragoon corps, Fader is as deadly on his feet as he is upon his faithful destrier. Yet, those who are fortunate to call him friend are blessed to find a true heart and a keen mind beneath his burly form and golden beard. 

Courtney Roach

A plucky archer, Courtney is both slow to anger and fast in friendship. His garrulous and kind-hearted nature warms those around him to the point that he is seldom seen without a smile on his face

Lady Luvier

Little is known for certain regarding this mysterious and beautiful prefect of the Frisbenia archer corps, not even her first name. The only things known for sure are that she does not hail from Cordivea and that her prowess as a warrior is nearly unmatched. 

The son of a great warrior, Eugene is a Sean's best friend and a paragon of physical prowess. Desperate to make a name for himself on his own, while simultaneously keeping an eye Sean, Eugene enlists in the Regulars as well.

Eugene Torrensen

A headstrong boy of nineteen, Sean is better suited for academic endeavors, rather than a military lifestyle. Nevertheless, he is determined to leave his hometown of Windhearth in pursuit of adventure, prompting him to enlist in the Cordivean Regular Army. 

Sean Oakly

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