"Rather than employ the seven-solar week you and I are familiar with, the people of Revahlián use an unorthodox ten-solar week referred to as a 'dekade'.  Each solar bears the name of a Saridian (Akosar, Reilar, Wolenar, etc.), with a tenth Holy Solar named Saridar set at the end.  Their lunars, meanwhile, are capped exactly at thirty, meaning that the 1st, 11th, & 21st of any given lunar will all fall on the same solar for the entire cycle."  ~excerpt from Werethain's letters


A link to the complete calendar for Cycle 1367 can be found at the bottom of this page. However, the table below lists each solar and corresponding dates which apply to all lunars.





"It must seem hysterical to you that Jacheron, first lunar in our calendar, should fall directly within the middle of the cycle here, but such is the nature of the reversed seasons in Midera’s southern hemisphere.  As I write it is the middle of Lurness, when I should expect to feel Sola’s warm kiss upon my brow; instead, a shrill gale howls outside as I scrawl these words across the page from beneath a heavy pelt. "  ~excerpt from Werethain's letters


 Just as there are ten solars in a dekade, so also are there ten lunars within a cycle which are as follows:


"According to their reasoning, each cycle begins with Driade, season of growth, then to Solmando, season of fire, followed by Jinn, season of harvest, and finally Undyne, season of ice. 

~excerpt from Werethain's letters


The brief list below outlines the four seasons of Midera and the corresponding lunars contained therein.

Driade:  Calidan, Edir, 1st half of Haberül

Solmando: 2nd half of Haberül, Jacheron, Venelas

Jinn: Galedeth, Mithim, 1st half of Salo

Undyne: 2nd half of Salo, Farrence, Lurness


For a visual representation, download the calendar for Cycle 1367 via the link below.