About the Author


Danforth Bowsly Sutton was born in Cordon-in-Furness, Cumbria, England to a working class family, the son of Theresa, a housewife and Edgar, a shepherd.  Raised in nearby Fauxthwaite, Sutton’s humble beginnings gave rise to a lust for reading and a potent imagination.  Fueled by a love of the Arthurian cycle and the discovery of Tolkien during his formative years, Sutton developed a passion for writing and literature.


After passing his A-levels, Sutton was briefly enrolled at Leeds before withdrawing to pursue his dream of being a writer.  Today, Sutton lives comfortably in his ancestral home in Cumbria where in his spare time he enjoys fly fishing, spelunking, and live-action role-playing.  Sutton’s love of words is evident today in his many literary works including the epic adventure series The Midera Mythos.